Kristi’s Weight Loss Testimonial *

kristi before weight loss
Kristi Before Weight Loss

On a family trip to Boston, I was sweaty and uncomfortable from my excess weight. Then I did a family backpacking trip and struggled to keep up. I was done! I decided to get help from Go Figure Weight Loss Center and it has been well worth it!

The counseling is the biggest help for me, and they have assisted me in working through bad habits that have popped up throughout the process. I can count on the Go Figure staff to help me manage.

I’ve had wonderful results from losing weight including less asthma, sciatic pain is completely gone, less sweating, and I can run again!

Kristi Lost 77 lbs. in 43 Weeks!*

*Actual client. Results may vary based on client participation

Ann’s Weight Loss Testimonial *

“I was on the verge of diabetes, and that was scary. My legs and feet hurt after a long day at work, and I was always tired and had no energy. When I decided to start Go Figure they made me very welcome and gave me the support I needed to keep me feeling like I could do this life-changing process. When I lost 12 lbs. the first week, I knew I could do this!”

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Brandon and Sara’s Weight Loss Testimonial *

Brandon and Sara Before

After getting married, my husband and I gained a significant amount of weight. It was affecting our attitudes, confidence, and our lifestyle. I knew something had to change. I used tons of fad diets and supplements and found no lasting results. But within five months of using the Go Figure Medical Weight Loss program, I lost 60 lbs. and Brandon lost 55 lbs. – talk about a life changer! Since getting the initial weight off, together we’ve gotten off another 10 lbs. and have kept it off now since June 2014!

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Jana’s Story *

Over a year ago I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and had been suffering from weight gain as a result. I had tried all the fad diets to try to lose the extra pounds I’d put on, and of course I’d lose, I’d gain, I’d lose, then gain. When I got engaged last Thanksgiving, I was determined to look my best for my wedding. I’ve been on Go Figure for 12 weeks and have dropped over 40 lbs and at least 6 dress sizes! 

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