What to Expect – Go Figure Medical Weight Loss Program

What to Expect from the Go Figure Program

We approach each patient individually and do a careful initial assessment that determines your specific needs. Our protocol includes a calculation of your Body Mass Index (BMI), a medical health review by Dr. Ronald Buss, which includes laboratory analysis of blood drawn in our office, and an Electrocardiogram (EKG).
The program was designed to meet your body’s nutritional requirements and our meal planning is based on fresh nutritious foods available at any grocery store of your choice. You will receive a structured nutritional guide that will assist in choosing the foods that meet the caloric guidelines. Many people are surprised to find out they can continue to enjoy the foods they love and still achieve faster weight loss.

Several safe and effective prescription weight loss medications and non-prescription solutions are successfully used as part of our weight loss program.
As with any program, weight loss varies among patients, but when the diet protocol is strictly followed, the patient can expect to experience excellent weight loss:

Average weight loss the first week is 6-10 pounds*

Average weekly weight loss is 2-6 pounds*

Average monthly weight loss is 8-24 pounds*

Highest documented monthly weight loss is 35 pounds for several females and 43 pounds for male patients*

At Go Figure, we have every tool you need to achieve sustainable weight loss and to improve your health. You are going to thrive in our supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere, where you are free to learn and walk out your journey to good health with encouragement. Your wellbeing and success is our primary focus and we will be with you every step of the way, celebrating your successes and help council you if you have a setback. You really can lose the weight and keep it off. Sometimes our feelings, or previous failures hold us back, but rest assured, our medical proven approach to weight loss does work and you really do deserve to be the best version of yourself.
So, call today and let’s get started creating your personal success story.
*Results may vary based on client weight and participation

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