Karen’s Story *

I came to Go Figure to start a permanent lifestyle change for health and longevity. I felt I really couldn’t afford the program and assumed I would go a few weeks to get started. It’s been 7 months and week after week the money was in my budget. I finally realized how much I was saving by not buying processed foods and eating at fast food places! I have lost more than 70lbs. so far and feel better than I have in 25 years! 30 years of “dieting” doubled my size so I am proof it’s never too late and anyone can do this!


Here are some tips from Karen for success on the program: 

–          If I am traveling I often stop at a Town Pump and grab prepared snacks like cheese sticks, veggies and dip. I also like hard boiled eggs and beef jerky.

–          At restaurants I mainly stick to my no bread/no sugar rule. I don’t worry about calories or portion size. At home I like to think like a diabetic, then you can’t go wrong!

–          I also love yams and have at least half of one every day. I find this keeps sugar cravings satisfied, plus they are too good for you to skip! (Be careful though, these should be minimized till maintenance)

–          I find that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! The earlier I eat it, the faster I lose weight.


*Actual client. Results may vary based on client participation

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