At Go Figure Weight Loss, we offer a comprehensive medically supervised program to help you achieve your individual weight loss goal. We want to help reshape your eating behavior and in doing so adopt a healthier lifestyle.

couple making dinnerWe provide a medically proven approach to weight loss and maintenance, and offer both prescription and non-prescription solutions.

Our educational approach teaches you about planning and preparing healthy balanced meals. You don’t have to give up real food on our program. Our friendly and knowledgeable consultants will teach you the principles of nutritious eating so you can continue to live your life while losing weight. Instead of relying on pre-packaged, pre-portioned, often unhealthy meals, which can be extraordinarily expensive and impractical, as a Go Figure patient, you will eat real food. The effective and clinically proven program includes a large variety of lean proteins, healthful fats, vegetables and fruits.

Our program utilizes nutritional education, portion control, sensible eating and the use of FDA approved pharmaceutical appetite suppressants. We encourage weekly visits with our weight loss consultants who will safely monitor your progress. Most importantly we will offer continual support & encouragement to assist you in losing weight, maintaining your weight loss and wellness for a lifetime.

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