Helen’s Weight Loss Testimonial

“I struggled to maintain a healthy weight for 15 years. Turning 50 and going through menopause figured into my problems. I went to weight watchers, did the Atkins diet…you name it. My knees were hurting and it was hard to continue to be active and do the things I loved to do. I decided I was tired of my knees and hips hurting from an extra 40 pounds on my 5’4” frame so I signed up. 

My daughter had just gone through the Go Figure program and although I was skeptical when she started, her results were amazing! My experience has been positive from the start and even now, on maintenance (perhaps the hardest part), the program is still a part of my weight journey.  

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Go Figure to a friend. I started the Go Figure program a size 14 and now I am a size 8. My cholesterol has improved and my knees and hips no longer hurt. I have tons more energy and have started riding my bike. I have the ability to engage in the activities I enjoy without pain or struggling to feel really good about myself. I am proud of myself.”


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