Weight Loss Program for Diabetics

Have you recently been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes or pre-Diabetes?
Or have you had it for some time and are trying to better manage it?

Either way, we have good news for you!

Type II Diabetes can be controlled and go into remission for many people through a specific dietary protocol that Go Figure offers.  Our experienced staff walks you through the process of modifying your existing eating habits to reduce and stabilize your blood sugar levels. Our patients have not experienced difficulties in following our program.

Pre-diabetic patients do NOT require primary physician clearance. Diabetic patients are required to receive clearance from their primary physician and work closely with them to monitor their daily blood sugar levels. Most patients have been able to have their primary physician discontinue their diabetes medication within 2-4 weeks of using our program.  People with a genetic predisposition may not be able to eliminate the medication.

Our program is tailored to meet the dietary needs of diabetics.  A benefit of using this protocol is the ability to lose excess weight that contributes to diabetes.

It is essential to plan on adhering to our long term maintenance program to ensure that the diabetes stays in remission.  One of the best things you can do for your quality of life and prevention of the many medical conditions that are a result of diabetes is to take proven effective steps to reverse the course of this disease.