Recipe of the Week: Turkey Sloppy Joe’s

Recipe of the Week: Turkey Sloppy Joe’s

This is a delicious recipe that works well for a quick lunch or an easy dinner.

-2 Tbsp. olive oil

-2 cloves garlic

-1/2 cup diced onions

-1 large diced bell pepper (green, red, orange or yellow!)

-2 bay leaves

-1 tsp. dried oregano

-1/2 tsp. red chili-pepper flakes

-1 lb. lean ground turkey

-14 oz can diced tomatoes

-6 oz. can tomato paste

-1 cup hot water

Heat olive oil over moderate heat in a deep skilled. Add garlic and stir. Wait 2-3 minutes and add chopped onion, peppers, bay leaves, oregano and chili flakes. Stir for another few minutes. Add ground turkey and brown for 5 minutes, breaking up meat. Stir in canned tomato products and hot water.

When mixture begins to boil, lower heat and let simmer until thickened, about 15-20 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste and discard bay leaves.

Eat without bread, unless periodically consuming some starchy carbs, or on maintenance. Use 1/2 bun, preferably whole wheat.



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