Café Mocha

For those who want an occasional yummy coffee drink, but don’t want the 800 calories that go with it, here’s a homemade version that we came up with to help you control the urge to splurge!

8 oz. coffee

1 tsp. unsweetened cocoa powder

Slightly less than ½ tsp. powdered stevia

Slightly more than ½ tsp. agave

1 tsp. non-hydrogenated coconut oil

2 Tbsp. skim, 2%, or half and half  (Optional; find the one you like the best

without causing weight gain)


Quick method (Cheryl’s version):  Blend all ingredients in mug and enjoy!

A little longer method (David’s version):  If you like your mocha a little thicker, or the fat more thoroughly blended add about 1/8 tsp. xanthan gum, and put all ingredients in blender long enough to emulsify oil and thicken the beverage.  You may have to briefly reheat coffee in microwave or pan after doing this.

This can be put on ice, too, for an iced coffee.

The coconut oil gives you a bit of a good fat, and makes the mocha richer and creamier without all the bad fats and calories.

Stevia and agave both come from plants, so there are no artificial sweeteners.  Stevia is zero glycemic, and agave is low glycemic.

This comes in at under 100 calories!  ( more than a third of which are from your good fats.)  If you avoided the coffee house specialty coffees by drinking this instead, you just saved yourself from gaining another pound or two!


Copyright Cheryl and David MacDonald 2013

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