New year, new you!

New year, new you!

We love this time of year, although it is just a date on a calendar, the beginning of a new year sparks something in all of us. It is a chance to reflect on the year past, wipe our slate clean and start the new year with new choices. It is like hitting life’s restart button (we all know we’ve wanted to that a time or two)

When we are able to stick with our new choices, they soon turn into habits; and when the next new year comes around we can look back and see all the benefits of those resolutions we made. The trick is sticking to those resolutions when the excitement of the “new year, new you” gives way to well, reality.

It’s true, losing weight does take commitment. But the key is replacing old habits with new ones. Instead of reaching for a bag of chips when your snuggled up on the couch watching your favorite movie grab a handful of mixed nuts instead. After a few times of choosing nuts over chips (and really we suggest just throwing those greasy old chips out anyways) you’ll find that you won’t even think twice about your movie night snack! When you look back on these choices in the months that follow and especially on the next new year’s eve, the old chip-eating will be a distant memory and you will be focusing on new resolutions, like climbing Mount Everest for example Smile

So here’s to a healthy and happy 2013 with the NEW YOU!


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