Marla’s Story

Marla lost  74.2 lbs in 23 weeks on the Go Figure program!


Client of month Marla


What are 3 of your favorite tips for success on the program?

  1. Make sure that you keep your daily log. It’s a good record for you to look at.
  2. Don’t be hard on yourself. If you have a bad week, just move forward.
  3. Visualize your goal of where you want your end result to be.

What impact has Go Figure had on you?

Before I started the program I made excuses to not work out or do activities with my family. Now with the weight that I have lost, I have the energy to play with my grandson, workout, and keep going all day. I knew that I owed it to myself and family to change my life and Go Figure has made that possible.

What advice do you have for people considering the program?

Make that first step and try it! Give yourself the ability to try it and do it. There is nothing to be lost except for weight! If you are ready to lose your weight, you will dedicate yourself. you owe it to yourself to make the first step and start the program!

Why did you start Go Figure?

I came to Go Figure because I had enough of the way I looked. When I did all my blood work I was not surprised at hwo bad the numbers were. I knew I needed to change.

How would you describe your experience with Go Figure?

The staff at Go Figure are great to work with. If I had any questions or something wasn’t adding up right with my food log, they knew the answers!

What is your favorite program friendly meal?

My favorite program friendly meal was the Walden Farm dressing or marinade. It has good flavor and a lot of variety that allowed me to play with different meals and flavors.

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