Linda’s Story *

Linda’s Story

My weight has been a battle my entire life. Down 20, up 20….down 30, up 30. I have literally tried, probably every “gimmick” out there. I always had temporary success, but was unable to keep it off, probably because the weight loss is by such extreme manners that I was incapable of maintaining it. I had actually come to the point that I researched surgery, but I am so glad that someone shared the Go Figure program with me!

The program works! I lost weight almost every single week, even traveling, attending many special events and eating out. I averaged a loss of almost 2 ½ lbs per week. The support from the staff is excellent! The time they spent educating and encouraging me each week is well worth the time from your schedule, as well as the cost! It inspired my success. I have learned something valuable from each visit.

I am 51 years old and haven’t been at this weight since before I had the first of my 4 kids 28 years ago, and honestly never thought that I would! I am so excited because I think that I am ready and able to maintain this healthy weight. Go Figure has changed my life!

Linda’s Tips for Weight-Loss Success

1. Who I “view” myself to be is who I will become. If I think of myself as heavy, my decisions on what to eat will coincide with that view and what will happen….soon I will be heavy. Be kind to myself and think positively of my body.

2. Don’t avoid appointments at the center because my weight is not what I want it to be. That is exactly when I need to go in. The counselors will understand, encourage and help!

3. Learn my triggers to poor choices then I can learn better responses to those triggers. Personally, I am learning that I have many….winter, emotion, stress, even celebration.

4. I am worth the work that it takes to eat healthy!


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