Keeping up with Resolutions

Keeping up with Resolutions

Now that we are mostly through January, how are those resolutions treating you?

Remember, even if you’ve gotten off track, each week you have the opportunity to make a new resolution; even each day! Be kind to yourself and remind yourself that change is challenging, but not impossible. It takes time to create new habits, right around 4 weeks to be exact, so remember that when you start to get down on yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

Here are some helpful tips to help you create healthy habits and to KEEP them has time goes by:

1. Be nice to yourself

Quiet the inner critic that says, “you’ve tried everything….” and “your’re not doing this well enough, fast enough or perfect enough.” We  are so hard on ourselves; how would you treat a friend who was trying to make positive life changes? Remember to love yourself!

2. Set realistic goals

Set yourself up to succeed by setting small tangible goals. It is important to realize that we can’t fix everything in one day. Make a habit of creating both short and long-term goals for yourself  This helps  make long-term change realistic by breaking it down into small actions each day, week or month.

3. Find non-food related rewards

Did you lose 10 pounds? Make an appointment for a massage, facial, or some other spa-like reward. Save money by using the Aesthetic Medicine incentives offered by Go Figure, ask your consultant for details.

4. Enlist Family and Friends

Let your loved ones in on your goals if they will be a positive support; the added help is nice when you are feeling discouraged or deprived.

5.Eat meals at Home

It’s a lot easier to make healthy choices, be less tempted, and know how your food is prepared when you eat at home. Plus, you can save yourself some money, too!

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