Bio Identical Hormones offered by Dr. Buss at Aesthetic Medicine

What is Bio-identicalHormone Replacement Therapy?

Couple BikingHormones are either proteins or derivatives of the cholesterol molecule. These molecules are manufactured in the endocrine glands which include adrenal glands, ovaries, testes, thyroid, pancreas and the pituitary gland in the brain. When these organs begin to show signs of age related dysfunction the bioactive level of hormones begin to diminish. In addition, as we age, specific receptor sites for these hormones begin to change and become less sensitive to the active hormone for that site. Whether the problem is low hormone or hormone resistance, the solution is optimal hormone replacement. Our philosophy here at our clinic is to take a medically sound approach to preventive medicine and optimal physical well being. Not only do we feel hormone replacement is medically sound but encourage optimal weight control, exercise, proper nutrition and avoidance of certain risk factors such as smoking.

A word about being medically sound. All of our advice and suggestions you will hear over the coming weeks are based on what is termed evidence based medicine. That is to say, if we suggest raising a certain hormone level, that decision is based upon well controlled studies that exist in the current contemporary medical literature. As we move forward we suggest that you ask Dr. Buss about these studies.