“I have gone up and down in weight for many, many years and I really needed to lose weight and keep it off. The program was easy to follow and Go Figure was very helpful and supportive in helping me to lose 110 pounds. I find I enjoy my new and improved eating habits and look forward to better health and more energy.”

*Actual client. Results may vary based on client participation

 Harry’s Tips for Success on the Go Figure Program

1. I eat vegetables with breakfast every morning. I sauté some vegetables like peppers, brussel sprouts or asparagus then add two scrambled eggs and make a frittata. It gives me one of my 4 servings of vegetables and the protein in the eggs fills me up until lunch.

2. I eat a lot more fish and seafood than I did before. Now, when I have a steak I think of it as a special treat that I can enjoy without guilt.

3. Satisfying my sweet tooth. I used to have a bowl of ice cream after dinner, which was a big factor in my weight gain. Now, if I feel like something sweet, I chew a piece of sugarless gum.  It satisfies my sweet tooth without the calories.

4. I make my own dressings. It is easy to find flavored olive oils and vinegars along with some mustard and spices, and you can make a flavorful dressing without the additives and extra fat.

I am very happy that I lost all that weight, but even happier that I have kept the weight off. I am used to my new eating habits and keeping my weight under control is second nature to me now. Since losing the weight, I have been able to stop taking 4 blood pressure medications. The money I’ve saved on medications has paid for my Go Figure program!

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