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Why is losing weight so difficult?


The persistent fat that builds up in your body is in fact composed of what’s called triglycerides. Triglycerides are composed of three fatty acids that are connected together by a glycerol particle. Fatty acids are burned by the body and converted to energy. They are small enough to move in and out of the body’s cells. Triglycerides, however are larger and build up in your fat cells. Due to excess food consumption or incorrect diet they continue to collect, making us fat.

Even though these triglycerides can’t be burned and used as energy themselves, they can be broken down into their previous fatty acid form and removed from your fat cells. The problem is that most people don’t understand the conditions necessary to mobilize and break down the triglycerides.

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It’s time to end your food addiction and the way to begin is by tossing out all your diet plans that require you to keep away from food. You cannot reduce weight just by not consuming – that will have the opposite effect.

Ever question why you usually end up heavier than when you initially started on a stay-away-from-food diet? That is due to the human evolution coded into our DNA. Our DNA still consists of information from our pre-historic forefathers. Back then, food was hard to find. Our forefathers would often go for days without anything to eat – so when food did come, our bodies would turn it into fat and store it to sustain us longer.

When you attempt to lose weight by malnourishment, this old system kicks in. Everyone will tell you that in order to lose weight, you have to avoid as much food as possible. The truth is, you still need to consume food and nourish your body in order to lose weight. Your body is like an engine or furnace. Without fuel it doesn’t have the energy to burn fat and if you don’t consume proper nutrients you won’t have energy.

Stop wasting your time on generic, one-size-fits-all weight loss programs and discover the true keys to fat loss.

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*Actual clients. Results may vary based on client participation.

Trying to lose weight is a relentless and challenging effort. You starve yourself for days desperately trying to lose a couple of pounds to fit into those pants again, only to be left angry, hungry and just as overweight as before.

Perhaps you just desire to look or feel better, or maybe you have experienced the exact same shock and horror as others have when you could not pull up the zipper on your favorite pants. Is your favorite shirt that used to look good on you now only showing a bulge that keeps getting bigger day by day?

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Maybe you have a friend that lost a lot of weight, so you decided to try their diet plan to slim down, only to discover that in spite of the appetite and disappointment, you didn’t manage to lose any weight.

The problem is that everyone’s body is different. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. That is why the usual fads, dieting tips and so-called “expert advice” don’t work for many people. Your age, sex, height, weight, muscle mass, stress levels and many other important factors determine how fast you lose weight and the most effective methods for you.

What if you could learn the keys to a REAL and efficient method to slim down based on your specific body and metabolism? And even better, what if you did not have to starve yourself to do so?

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More than just a diet program, the Go Figure weight loss program focuses on teaching a healthy lifestyle. We focus on the science of your body, how what you are eating is affecting you, and how healthy eating can turn your life around. The Go Figure team offers clients the information needed to make healthy lifestyle changes, the coaching necessary to launch and maintain sound eating habits, and the medical supervision required to assure that weight loss is conducted safely and effectively. This program is what it takes to heal from years of frustrating weight gain.

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*Actual clients. Results may vary based on client participation.

It is easy for clients to stay on track with Go Figure’s unique approach to weight loss. The Go Figure program combines prescription medication with a well-balanced diet and weekly individual sessions with our professional weight management consultants. For those medically unable or who choose not to take the prescribed medication, a non-medicinal program has also proven successful.

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The Go Figure program doesn’t stop at a certain number on the scale. When a patient reaches a desired weight, Go Figure’s support structure assures continued success and helps keep the weight off. We emphasize a lifetime of mindful eating and healthy habits. Ongoing preventive care encourages and helps maintain a new and healthy lifestyle.

I’m sure by now you realize that it’s finally time to change and get rid of that excess weight around your waist.

Picture being able to stroll out of your home, confident not just in looking great but understanding that your body on the inside is well taken care of.

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