For three months, Ted Dawson & Greg Metzger have gone up against each other on the Go Figure program. While their reasons for joining the program may differ, they both have one common goal. To lose weight.

Ted started off his program with a bang, losing over 20 lbs in the first week! Greg took the slow and steady approach, but still made a big dent in his weight by losing 13.8 lbs in week 1!

With the slimdown challenge winding down on week 12 Greg has taken his first lead of the challenge losing a total of 64.2 lbs! Ted is not far behind, he has lost 58.8 lbs in only 12 weeks.

Client of the month Ted & Greg

 Interview with Ted Dawson & Greg Metzger

Tell us about why you got started with Go Figure?

Ted: I have been overweight for years and was very dissatisfied with how I looked and felt, so when the opportunity came to work with Go Figure, I jumped at it.

Greg: I had heard about the program from my daughter who participated last year and did very well with it.

Had you used other weight loss programs prior to Go Figure?

Ted: Yes, I tried a popular diet plan more than 20 years ago and even though it was effective (not as effective as Go Figure) I immediately ballooned back up when I got off the program.

 What do you like most about the Go Figure program?

Ted: The ease with which I lost weight. After my third day on the program, I wasn’t hungry and it was very easy to stick with the plan.

Greg: The people at Go Figure care, the support from the staff is awesome! The program is easy as long as you are mentally prepared for it. You learn to change your lifestyle and how to eat healthfully.

 How has Go Figure changed your life for the better?

Ted: I feel better, look better and have a better attitude about food and eating.

Greg: I’ve lost over 60 lbs! I feel and look so much better!

What is the most significant impact Go Figure has had on your life?

Ted: I’ve learned how to eat better, without stuffing myself full of junk food.

Greg: For the first time in 34 years, I weigh what I did in college! I’m hoping my golf game is better now that I’ve lost some weight.

What health conditions have improved?

Ted: I am so much more active now!

Greg: My blood pressure is down, my back no longer hurts. Even after long 5-6 mile walks my feet don’t hurt anymore.

Are you satisfied with the results?

Ted: Of course! I’m down almost 60 lbs; I’m very satisfied.

Greg: Yes, I’m ecstatic!

How would you describe the Go Figure staff?

Ted: They are so friendly and cooperative, my interactions with them have been excellent.

Greg: Excellent! They are so friendly and helpful. I could tell they were concerned about me and my health.

Would you refer friends to our program?

Ted: Absolutely! I’ve already sent dozens of friends to Go Figure.

Greg: Yes! I already have.

What would you tell people who are considering the Go Figure program?

Ted: I would tell them that it is easy to start, simple to follow and the results are amazing.

Greg: It works, it’s healthy, it’s not hard. Your friends and family will be amazed!

Is there anything else you would like to share with us about your experience?

Ted: I never believed it would be possible, at my age (almost 70) to get down to a weight I was pleased with. Go Figure made that possible, and in just 3 months!

Greg: The cost is not “real.” By the time you correct your diet, and limit eating out, you save the cost of the program. My medicine cost has also gone down as because I am taking much less high blood pressure medication than I was before. But, you do have to buy new clothes! Yeah!