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Recipe of the Week: 4th of July Treat

4th of July Treat!

From Go Figure chef/co-owner, David MacDonald

Here are two desserts that are yummy like ice cream, yet unlike ice cream, they will probably not cause you to gain weight (unless you get carried away Smile)

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Recipe of the Week: Super Simple Sausage Spinach Soup

Super Simple Sausage Spinach Soup

Bet you can’t say that 10 times fast!!! But you can make this soup lickety-split! This was created when Go Figure co-owner, Cheryl, raced home for a quick lunch on a cold, rainy day and there were no leftovers. It was so good, that it has become a regular.

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Recipe of the Week: Hi Protein/Low Carb Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Hi Protein/Low Carb Cottage Cheese Pancakes

This is a special Father’s Day breakfast for those who aren’t in their first two weeks of the program. These pancakes don’t taste at all like cottage cheese, and are very yummy!

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Recipe of the Week: Zucchini Crackers

Zucchini Crackers

Crackers on the Go Figure program? Well, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill crackers. These are nutrient-dense, with protein in them, and no white flour. Created by Chef David, and served at the recent Open House, they were well-liked by everyone. Try them with the Salmon Dip recipe we put out last week. Yum!

Wait until after week 6 to try these, and then eat in small quantities (1 or 2) when you need something a little more substantial with your protein. Try freezing them, so you can pull out a couple periodically.

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Recipe of the Week: Herb-infused Salmon Dip

Herb-infused Salmon Dip

Created by Go Figure chef David, and served at our May Open House, here’s a simple recipe with minimal cooking, which makes a lovely snack, or party appetizer.

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Recipe of the Week: Pina Colada Salad

Pina Colada Salad

This delightful mix of fruit, veggies, and healthful fats was created by our lead chef/Go Figure co-owner David MacDonald.  It’s a lovely way to enjoy our warmer seasons with flavors that make us think of sun and tropical beaches.

Try it on the side with your favorite protein, or mix into the salad some chicken breast, white fish, shrimp or salmon.  Make sure to share it with a friend, or you’ll be tempted to eat it all yourself!

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Recipe of the Week: Faux Pizza

Faux Pizza

Prepared for our Open House by chef and Go Figure co-owner, David, this recipe, admittedly, sounds questionable as to tasting like pizza! Even David’s wife, and Go Figure co-owner, Cheryl, was skeptical. That is until she and everyone else tried it and loved it! For those who have kept away for awhile from one of the U.S. favorites and major fat producers, pizza, this could be the answer to your periodic pizza cravings.

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Recipe of the Week: Crustless Quiche

A Special Mother’s Day Breakfast: Crustless Quiche
From chef and Go Figure co-owner, David MacDonald
This flavorful and nutritious recipe provides a hint of crust without crust.

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Recipe of the Week: Spring Cleaning Soup

Recipe of the Week: Spring Cleaning Soup

Our Go Figure chef, David, was looking for a quick dinner, so he started pulling things out of the freezer and fridge that needed to be used up and came up with this yummy soup. This is a great meal to have when you feel you need some starchier carbs or something more substantial.


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Recipe of the Week: Basil Lemon Shrimp

Basil Lemon Shrimp

This is the last of our recipes for food served at our December Open House. We hope you have been trying and enjoying these recipes!

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I came to Go Figure because I was tired of trying to lose weight and not being successful.  My friends recommended the program to me. It has been a great experience. I feel much better; during my 10 weeks on the program I was never hungry or tired. If you stick with the plan and what they teach you, you will definitely be successful. *Actual client. Results may vary based on client participation