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Recipe of the Week: Grilled Steak

Grilled Steak with Caramelized Onion & Mushroom Sauce

This recipe calls for filet mignon, but can be replaced with leaner cuts of steak. Visit this mayo clinic website to find out what the leanest cuts of beef are: Recipe by Chef Bryan Voltaggio.

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Recipe of the Week: Grilled Peach Swordfish

Grilled Peach Swordfish

with Arugula and Grape Tomato Salad, topped with Sautéed Sweet Peppers and Peaches

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Recipe of the Week: Spinach-Pear Salad

Spinach-Pear Salad

An unusual combination of flavors, from Go Figure Chef David, lends itself nicely to this combination of greens with a natural sweet touch.

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Recipe of the Week: BBQ Turkey Kabobs

BBQ Turkey Kabobs

A fun way to get your protein, this recipe created by Go Figure chef David is designed to be simple, yet tasty. If you’re serving a large crowd, extra time and help will be needed to put the meat on the sticks.

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Recipe of the Week: Refreshing Mint Veggie Salad

Refreshing Mint Veggie Salad

Another creation from Go Figure Chef David, this salad is a light and tasty way to enjoy the flavors of summer!

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Recipe of the Week: Herb Infused Tofu Dip

Herb Infused Tofu Dip

Created by Go Figure Chef David with our vegetarian clients in mind, but can be enjoyed by anyone, this dip was served at our May Open House. It’s simple to make (does not require any cooking,) creamy, and is a good source of protein. It also does not shout tofu when eating it. Use with veggie sticks, on a salad, or occasionally with the whole grain cracker recipe we recently put out.

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Recipe of the Week: Turkey Meatballs with Mediterranean Dipping Sauce

Turkey Meatballs with Mediterranean Dipping Sauce

Served at our May Open House, and created by Go Figure Chef Marie, these meatballs are fairly simple to prepare, but do require some pre-planning.

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Recipe of the Week: Almond Chicken Salad

Almond Chicken Salad

This simple, but nice, recipe was contributed by a Go Figure client. It can be used as is, or as a base to which more veggies can be added. Have it for a light summer dinner, and be sure to make enough for lunch the next day.

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Recipe of the Week: Rosemary Lime Shrimp

Rosemary Lime Shrimp

Here’s another yummy, but simple, creation for our Open House from Go Figure chef, Marie.

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Recipe of the Week: Marinated Veggie Salad

Marinated Veggie Salad

This easy to prepare, but delicious, salad was created for our Open House by Go Figure chef Marie. Serve with protein on the side, or it can be mixed in with the salad for a complete meal in one bowl.

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I came to Go Figure because I was tired of trying to lose weight and not being successful.  My friends recommended the program to me. It has been a great experience. I feel much better; during my 10 weeks on the program I was never hungry or tired. If you stick with the plan and what they teach you, you will definitely be successful. *Actual client. Results may vary based on client participation