Billy’s Story *

The staff at Go Figure was one of the biggest factors in my weight loss. Other programs throw booklets and pamphlets at you, but at Go Figure I had one-on-one time each week to ask any questions I had (and I had a lot!). Each week, as the pounds came off, the staff celebrated with me and provided encouragement.

When people congratulate me on my weight loss, they imply that it must have been hard work, I tell them that with Go Figure, it was easy to lose the weight. I used to be an athlete but the past few years, I struggled to climb stairs. Now, I run up the stairs. I went from wearing size 44 pants to size 32. I’ve been wearing my son’s clothing! If anyone has struggled with their weight for years like I have, I would suggest giving Go Figure a try. The time, effort, and cost, are definitely worth the results I have experienced.

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