Angela’s Story


Angela lost 40lbs in only 17 weeks on the Go Figure program!

She has been maintaining her weight loss since May  2013.

Angela Moore


















We sat down with Angela this August to discuss her experience with Go Figure.

Here is what she had to say:

What has been the best part of doing the Go Figure program?

The best part of this program is how easy it is to maintain the weight loss! And how great I feel eating clean and healthy. It is such an easy program to follow.


What is your favorite program friendly snack?

My favorite meal is my protein smoothie in the morning. I add cinnamon and a little cocoa powder and it’s so delicious!


What are your favorite tips for following the program?

The best tips I have are: eat every few hours so you’re never hungry and to maintain energy. Keep a food log. Weigh yourself consistently. All of these things have helped me maintain my weight loss.


What impact has the program made on you?

It has changed my life! I feel healthy and confident! I finally know what to eat and how to eat smart. I know I will be able to keep all the weight off for the rest of my life on this program.


What advice do you have for people considering the program?

I focused on what I was going to do to maintain my weight loss before I even started the program. I didn’t focus on just reaching a goal of losing the weight. I’d always done that on diets I’d done in the past and never focused on the maintenance part. This has to be a lifestyle change in our mind, not just a diet.

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